UGazz for your investment

Create and grow your own chain of autogas fuelling stations with the UGazz brand.

Remote maintenance, full control, and quick return on investment.

Yes, we do know how!


We know where to place your UGazz stations for the best financial results.

We know how to keep your UGazz stations safe so you feel secure about your investment.

Supervise all your UGazz stations remotely and track the cash flow online 24/7.

It is our responsibility to build, maintain, and keep your UGazz stations up and running. Wherever they are.


1. You decide on the amount of investment

Based on your budget, we will suggest a plan to build and grow a single fuelling station or a chain of stations.

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2. We agree on the sites for your UGazz stations

We can offer you projects we developed in various cities and countries, or we can use your locations to build your UGazz stations once we have done some essential research.

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3. We design and build

We make sure your UGazz stations comply with all regulations, and then we ship and install the equipment needed to get your stations started.

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4. We create a client flow

We brand your UGazz stations, advertise them, and attract clients. We do our best to make your stations as attractive as possible to maximize the financial results.

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5. We manage and provide security

We manage your UGazz stations, run the current operations, and provide security in every sense of the word.

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6. We do the maintenance

Wherever they are, maintaining your UGazz stations is our responsibility. Whatever happens, we will find an efficient solution fast.

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7. You get your dividends

Basically, all you need to do is watch your accounts and supervise your UGazz stations, whether in person or online. The rest — from the concept to a seamless operation — is our responsibility!

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UGazz Concept - IN A NUTSHELL

• You decide on the amount of investment, and we do the rest.

• Your UGazz stations operate without your direct involvement.

• We manage your UGazz stations that generate profit mostly for you and a portion for us.

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